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Content So Engaging

It'll Get You FOLLOWED

Strategy So Smart

It’ll Get You SALES

Content So Engaging

It'll Get You FOLLOWED

Strategy So Smart

It’ll Get You SALES

Wouldn’t Logging Off Feel SOOOOO GOOD?

As a dynamic entrepreneur, you’re used to being everywhere at once. Your days are a whirlwind of notifications, decision-making, and an endless to-do list. One of those relentless tasks? Creating social media content to drive engagement and sales. Who knew building a brand would require so much ongoing creativity?

It’s high time for some smart outsourcing. Not only will you regain your precious time and energy, but you’ll also push your brand forward with posts that are strategically designed to attract, connect with, and convert your target audience.

Ready to Transform Your Socials

Without Lifting a Finger?

The beauty of partnering with SOCIAL UP beyond sculpting a social media presence that skyrockets engagement and sales — is the sheer ease of it all.

Your time is precious. It should be invested in fueling your passion, growing your business, or enjoying well-deserved downtime… not in decoding the complexities of algorithms or guiding a strategist who’s just not getting your vision.

Our clients rave about their experiences with us for a reason: We deliver impactful social media strategies, tailored content, and insightful analytics, all with minimal effort on your part.

Ready to elevate your social media game with confidence and ease?

Social Media Strategy

With SOCIAL UP’s strategic expertise, your investment translates into measurable growth and a solid ROI. We build robust strategies that not only elevate your brand’s presence but also ensure every post contributes to your bottom line.

Social Media Management

Let SOCIAL UP supercharge your socials with content so captivating, followers can’t help but hit ‘follow.’ Our strategy? Brilliantly crafted to not just grab attention but convert it into sales. When you entrust us with your social media, you’re signing up for posts that pack a punch and strategies that deliver dollars.

Social Media Audits

If you’re not quite ready for full-scale social media investment but need clear direction, SOCIAL UP’s audits are the perfect starting point. We’ll provide you with the insights and guidance to set your course right, positioning you for success without the guesswork.


You’ve meticulously crafted a premier-level brand.

Your social media content should radiate that same level of sophistication, not feel like a last-minute find from the discount bin.

Engaging social media content is like a dash of saffron in the soup…it amplifies your presence, wraps your brand in allure, and leaves a memorable impression that lingers in the minds of your audience. Profiles will pause. Hearts will react. Comments will flow in admiration of your irresistible charm.

Show me the numbers

SOCIAL UP took over @wegotambition from the inception of the accounts.

9/15/23 for IG
Organic Growth on IG over 7 months starting from zero:


Organic Followers
9/16/23 for TikTok
Organic Growth on TikTok over 7 months starting from zero:


Organic Followers

SOCIAL UP took over @NXT4lifetraining Instagram on 6/1/23

Metrics below are over a 90-day span


Accounts Reached


Accounts Engaged


Total Followers

SOCIAL UP took over @RAFstrengthandfitness IG on 8/1/23

Growth below is within the first 30 days of working together


Accounts Reached


Accounts Engaged

SOCIAL UP took over @CORE360HTX IG on 7/1/23

Growth shown is within the last 30 days of working together.
The studio officially opened it’s doors on 7/25/23


Accounts Reached


Accounts Engaged


Total Followers

What Our Raving Fans Have To Say

Working with SOCIAL UP has been one of the BEST moves we have made for our business. Meg is so professional and such a delight to work with! She stays up to date with all of the social media trends and things you need specifically for your business. I absolutely love the creativity she puts into the work she does. 10/10 - 5 STARS!! I can’t imagine doing social media without her now.

Mike NecsutuCEO, RAF Strength and Fitness

Working with Social Up to launch this new brand has been a godsend. I have launched another company before but with Meagan's clear social media strategy and understanding of our audience behaviors on social, we were able to have confidence in our content creation. Every call has been one of the best parts of my week. She's a pleasure to work with and the results have been phenomenal.

Kendra BeavisCEO, Eve Academy

Everything Meagan does– she’s got the MIDAS touch. Just don’t let her touch anything you don’t want touched to gold.

Amr Radwan(Founder, CORE360

We found Meagan as a small business that was tiptoeing into social media and we couldn’t be prouder or more excited of the quick successes that we have had in the first 10 weeks! She has been instrumental in helping us implement an actual social media strategy. Not only do we have a great strategy, but we also have a great coach! We have someone that is cheering us when we have successes but also humbling us to remember the long-term goal of what we’re trying to accomplish. Bottomline: we adore working with Meagan. She’s energetic, entertaining, and she clearly loves what she does. We are so thankful that we have found Meagan and can’t wait to continue working together.

Liz DaviesCEO, ESD Homes

Working with SOCIAL UP has been AMAZING! Meagan is an absolute joy to work with! She is so creative and she makes everything so easy when it comes to social media. Our social media presence is ten times better because of her and I’m learning a LOT!

John FelicianoCo-Founder, RAF Strength and Fitness

I’ve owned businesses over the last ten years and I have been through 5-10 different social media managers- Meagan is absolutely amazing. The number one reason why is because she actually CARES about your team's vision and your goals, whereas no other company does. I couldn’t be happier. She has been such a game-changer for both of my businesses.”

Mike LisiCEO/Founder, NXT4 Life Training